Although I have had bad credit at a young age I can still have a chance to get credit and buy nice things.

Stacy - Gilbert, AZ
I checked my credit report and it raised my credit score forty points

Carlotta - Milwaukee, WI
I want to thank you for loaning me the money. My home was flooded last week and some of my furniture was ruined. The banks sure don't want to loan you the money and Rent to own places are a complete rip off

Wanda - Bellwood, IL
I had another contract that I paid off in December 2009 and the program was so easy to use I decided to come back and do it again

J.E. - Chicago, IL
This is my Third contract with FlexPay and I wanted to say Thank You Thank You Thank You for giving me the chance and opportunity to get furniture from you all with flexible payments plans. I have bad credit and this is the only way I can get furniture with out a co signer. People make mistakes growing up and as you can see I pay my debts now very well. Thank You FlexPay and Cook Brothers

S. Young - Chicago, IL
I just wanted to say thanks for giving our store the opportunity to grow with your finance program.

Furniture Retailer - Milwaukee, WI
Within fifteen minutes of telling my employees they can use FlexPay PLUS™ they made their first sale.

K.K. - Monrowville, PA
Traditionally, this is a slow month for us and we are currently 30% above last year and I know it is in part because of the FlexPay PLUS™ program.

D.S. - Seattle, WA
Their website is very easy to use and understand. Every time I talk to someone I get the answers I need and everyone is very helpful.

D.S. - Norristown, PA
I am looking forward to using the FlexPay PLUS™ program again!

C.B. - Olathe , KS
FlexPay PLUS™ has been very instrumental in the success of our business. This program really helps small businesses like ours to be competitive and provides our customer base with purchasing options. The staff at FlexPay PLUS™ are always helpful and works rapidly and effectively to get approvals. Thank you FlexPay PLUS™!!!!

D & E - Chicago, IL
FlexPay PLUS™ has boosted our sales by three hundred percent in as little as two weeks since we started using it! Our customers love it and so do we. It's a win win situation, not only for us but the customers too. We are very happy with FlexPay PLUS™.

Retailer - Monessen, PA
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the FlexPay PLUS™ customer service. They have been amazing! Every question was politely answered, and they even stayed on the line until we were completely done with everything. Definately the best customer service I have ever had!

R.S. - PA
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